Brandie Henderson

Master Aveda Stylist

My passion for the salon industry started as a child when my mother  decided to take me along to her hair appointment. The stylist took her from one length hair down the middle of her back, to a short pixie…. and yes, she was mortified. I will never forget the emotions that I witnessed while doing her hair for her job every morning before I left for school in 5th grade…
Naturally, the gratitude from my mother instilled a deep rooted love for understanding the importance of communication between the guest and artist.
I graduated cosmetology school in 1994. I’ve been perfecting my craft for the last 26 years, with guest that I still see for over 20 years. Aveda hair color is the sixth hair color line that I have worked with. Now, an Aveda master stylist, education for both myself and for my guest is top priority. Teaching guest on how to achieve the same look after they leave the salon is my goal.
The artwork I do consist of custom color, VoMor hair extensions, women’s  haircuts, razor haircuts, bridal hair, retro 1950’s pin-up styles, while pampering is also an upmost importance!
I am ecstatic to educate you on our naturally derived Aveda products and look forward to making your morning routine effortless!