Fight Back Against the Bitter Cold This Winter

15 Nov Fight Back Against the Bitter Cold This Winter


Whether we like it or not, this time of year Old Man Winter is knocking on our door.

During the fall and winter seasons we tend to see changes in our skin, and realize that our body needs more moisture than it did in the spring and summer. This is because there is less environmental humidity in the air. This winter, we at Accents Salon Spa want to help you fight against cold, dry skin! (…not just put up a fight, but win the war!)

Starting at the top:


Botanical Kinetics – This light lotion protects your face against unsightly dry patches we tend to get during the winter. Aveda’s formula will hydrate your skin, but not over do it to where your face looks sheen and oily. This lotion creates a smooth, supple appearance.

Lip Saver – Tired of applying your lip balm 42 times a day because your lips always dry out? Do yourself a favor and toss out your old “chapstick”, and upgrade to Aveda Lip Saver. This balm protects lips from UVA and UVB rays, seals in moisture, and is enriched with cinnamon leaf and clove oil. Lip Saver leaves your lips moisturized and is great for anyone and everyone who suffers from chapped lips, or will be outdoors this cold winter season. Also great for anyone taking a family ski trip this holiday season.

Moving down the body:

Caribbean Therapy Body Creme – In the winter, your body doesn’t want a sip of moisture, it wants to be quenched! Don’t use a light lotion. Instead, give your body what it needs and use a cream. Embellished with cocoa butter, the Caribbean Therapy moisturizes deeply. It will create a barrier between you and the cold that causes dry skin.

Hand Relief – How does a hand lotion that lasts up to THREE washes sound? Amazing? Ground breaking? Why have I not heard of this before?! ..That’s what I thought! Aveda’s hand relief leaves a veil of moisture on the hands that will last up to three hand washes. It soothes dry skin, gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and is has sugar derived acids.

And down to the toe:

Foot Relief – Do you have dry, rough, callused feet? (..don’t we all?) We have a cure for you! Aveda’s Foot Relief formula is embellished with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a key ingredient in topical acne treatments, therefore it is designed to wear away at the dead skin cells and create, soft, smooth, touchable feet.

Stop by Accents today, and get the ammunition you need to fight the war on dry skin!