Why Aveda Make Up?

03 Sep Why Aveda Make Up?

Why is it best to buy your make up at a Salon vs. a counter or convenient store? For one, you will receive the education you need about the products that will create the best look for you. A trained make up professional will give you a one on one consultation on your look to find the products to meet your needs. Here at Accents, we don’t push full make up lines as make up counters at department stores do. Instead, we listen to you and what your needs are. Based off that, we create a system of products that will deliver exactly what you need.

Another reason is the training you receive. What good is the make up when you can’t recreate your look at home? Our in-salon Aveda professionals will teach you proper make up technique so you can achieve that precise professional look every day in your own home.

Did you know that most make up is made up of synthetic alternatives? Ingredients such as glycerol, ethanol, hexachlorphene, and phenol are petroleum derivatives that are harmful to use. Also, isopropyl alcohol, another, actually promotes premature aging of the skin. Some eye-shadows and lip sticks that have “shimmer” use the shells of insects, and fish scales to create such appearance. Tar is used in water-proof mascaras. Your question may be, how do I get away from these awful ingredients? Aveda make up is your answer! Aveda make up is organically derived from plants and flowers. Did you know that for a product to claim that is is “natural” it only has to contain 4-6% natural ingredients. Aveda is proud to state that their make up contains 99% natural ingredients. Minerals are used for shimmer rather than the bugs and fish scales. Aveda searches all around the world to gather pollen from flowers, uruka pigments from the Yawanawa tribe, and minerals found in the earth to use as ingredients in their make up line. Now isn’t that refreshing? Stop in or schedule a make up consultation here at Accents and stop using products that harm and age your skin prematurely. Remember, what you put on your skin, goes in your skin.