Manicure Mania

06 Dec Manicure Mania

Inconveniently, Christmas and New Years are only scheduled a week apart. So that means you have to get your nails done twice, right? I am pleased to tell you that is no longer true! With CND Shellac, you will be able to make it through both holidays with chip-free nails! You’re probably thinking to yourself, “This person doesnt understand all the effort I put into cooking, washing dishes, and tearing into my presents!” But in fact, I do! CND is a new type of polish. It is a gel polish that does not chip, does not smear, and does not crack!

For all of you Time-Crunched Guests, just come in 30 minutes before your hair appointment, or stay 30 minutes after! Don’t worry about messing up your nails as you rush out of here to finish your last holiday errands! The moment you leave the nail tech’s chair, your nails will be dry! Sounds too good to be true? Come in and let us show you the magic of Shellac! We will make a believer out of everyone!

Shellac just addeed 6 more shades to it’s collection of colors! They also have different layering techniques to create even more shades!


Need stocking stuffer ideas?

Polishes have always made great grab-bag gifts and stocking stuffers! A gift certificate to introduce a friend to extended wear gel nails is another great idea!