Aveda has announced the launching of a new product line called INVATI! We are very excited about this product because it creates, thicker, fuller hair for people who suffer from thinning hair. When we got our hands on the new line, we gave it to our Hair Floor Team Leader and Color Coach to test it out. Here is her testimony:

“I am Diane. I work for Accents as a master stylist and Team Leader, and I have very fine thin hair which has gotten thinner after taking thyroid medicine! I have tried Nioxin for years and just haven’t seen very much of a change. I am excited to announce a new product line that I am testing from Aveda for thinning, fine hair! It is called INVATI, and consists of a four part system : shampoo, conditioner, a scalp spray, and coming soon, a vitamin to add to the regime. I have been using the system for three weeks only, and I can see and feel an amazing difference in my hair! Already, I can no longer see my scalp on top and it feels fuller and thicker every time I use it. I have rarely used daily conditioners, because the fineness and softness of my hair, but this conditioner actually makes my hair feel fuller! So if your hair is thinning, thin, or just really fine, follow our blogs on it and you will know exactly when it arrives (which should be sometime near the middle to end of January!!) I will keep you all updated on my new head of hair’s progress!”

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of this new line! And stay tuned, right here on our blog, for more testimonials about this awesome product!