Top 5 Reasons Men Should Get a Manicure and Pedicure

22 Oct Top 5 Reasons Men Should Get a Manicure and Pedicure

Many men think that the “mani – pedi” treatment at a salon is strictly for women. Little do they know, men can greatly benefit from the services as well! Some of the top reason men should treat themselves are :

1. To get a well-groomed look: Let’s face it, women are attracted to men that take pride in how they look. No need to go over the top, but trimmed, clean, and buffed nails are a great attribute of any guy.

2. Healthy hands and feet: During the manicure and pedicure experience, your hands and feet will be exfoliated to remove any dead skin build up that has potential to cause problems down the road. Also, we pay close attention to ingrown toe nails and hangnails to ensure you have healthy hands and feet.

3. It flat out FEELS GOOD: Getting a manicure and pedicure allows one to step out of the hectic day in the office and enjoy a little piece of heaven on earth. You get to relax in a nice massage chair, soaking your feet in a warm, jet powered foot spa, and enjoy a stress relieving leg, foot, hand, and arm massage.

4. A softer touch: Men are always on their feet, working outside, and using their hands, right? This causes rough hands and feet and the build up of calluses. We are able to work away at those calluses and give men a slightly sweeter touch. (Don’t worry guys, you are just as much of a man, just with softer hands and feet!)

5. You can put the MAN, in MANicure: There is a common misconception that a manicure and pedicure must include polish and “fu-fu” treatments. What they don’t know, is we specialize manicures for men. We leave the polish and the “fu-fu” for the women! Men have different needs than women. Clean, trimmed, and buffed is the look men achieve with these services.

You shower, shave, and trim your hair. So why not take the time to get rid of those overgrown cuticles, dry skin, and dirt under those jagged fingernails?