Want beautiful, healthy skin?

17 Jan Want beautiful, healthy skin?

Dry brushing is one of the most important things you can do for your body to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Did you know your skin releases a pound of waste each day? The skin is often referred to as the “third kidney” because it creates a passage way for toxins to exit the body. (The second kidney is the lungs.) When toxins are unable to escape through the skin, they are then stored in fat cells, contributing to cellulite and fat deposits. With dry brushing, fat deposits are better distributed, which reduces the appearance of cellulite.
There are many other benefits of dry brushing for your body other than beauty.

  • -Dry brushing stimulates blood and lymph flow
  • -It removes dead skin cells
  • -It stimulates the hormone and oil glands
  • -Reduces cellulite
  • -Strengthens the immune system
  • -Stimulates the nervous system
  • -Tones the muscles
  • -Tightens the skin
  • -Nurtures the body
  • -Unclogs the skin’s pores
  • -Increases it’s ability to absorb nutrients
  • -And increases circulation

You may be wondering how to use your dry brush correctly. It is actually quite simple when you follow these little tips.

1. Brush your body before you shower, preferably in the morning.
2. Start at your feet and work your way up, always brushing to your heart.
3. Use firm but gentle pressure.
4. You can use long strokes or circular motions.
5. Brush lightly on sensitive areas, and more firmly on thick areas such as the soles of your feet.
6. Avoid brushing over and wounds or rashes.
7. Shower, trying to alternate from hot to cool (if you can stand it) to increase circulation.
8. Lightly towel dry and apply a lotion without minerals or paraffin.
9. Finish by washing your body again with soap and water, and dry thoroughly.

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